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Tourism in Egypt: tourism in Cairo


Tourism in Cairo

By/ Dina Tharwat

Cairo is a charming city. It's streets and walls tell the history of the people of Egypt and its ancient civilization. which has affected humanity throughout the ages. It is one of the most culturally diverse cities. there are many ancient and modern monuments. It has become an open museum that includes Pharaonic, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic monuments. In this article we will talk about tourism in Cairo. As for Islamic tourism in Cairo, Islamic Cairo has its unique architectural style. which began to appear with the Islamic conquest of it at the hands of Amr Ibn Al-Aas in 641 AD and its construction of a mosque bearing its name, which is the first mosque to be built in Africa.

 On the land of Cairo, the city of Fustat, Al-Askar and Al-Qata'i were built in the Abbasid era. when the Fatimids entered Egypt during the era of The caliph al-Mu’izz of the Fatimid religion of God, and the commander of his armies, Jawhar al-Skali, on 17 Shaaban 358 AH, corresponding to July 6, 969AD. This date is "July 6" to be the national feast of the province.

Islamic tourism in Cairo:

  From the Fatimid era to the Ayyubid and Mamluk .. Cairo witnessed the finest Islamic architecture of architecture represented in building castles, forts, fences and schools such as Salahuddin Castle, Sultan Barquq School, Al-Ashraf Qaytbay School, Khan Al-Khalili, Masjid Al-Rifai, Al-Hussein Mosque, etc. All this ancient history of Cairo came as a result of a distinguished strategic location. This location qualified it to be the political capital of Egypt throughout the ages.

Cairo ... Why was it called this name? 

Commander Jawhar al-Skali began building the new capital of the Fatimid state by order of the Fatimid Caliph al-Muizz ledeanellah in the year 969 AD and he called it al-Mansuriyya. The name Qahira came from the planet known as Mars and this is the most common saying among historians.

Cairo National day:

  Cairo celebrates its national day on the sixth of July. at this day Commander Johar El-Skalli laid the foundation stone for the city of Cairo in 969 AD. Cairo is now 1050 years old, and its slogan is Al-Azhar Al-Sharif is the beacon of Islam and its platform throughout the world.


  Cairo Governorate is located on the eastern side of the Nile River and is bounded on the north by Qalyubia Governorate, on the eastern and southern sides by the desert back, and on the western side by the Nile River and Giza Governorate. There is also the Greater Cairo Region, which is an administrative entity that includes in addition to the city of Cairo, the city of Giza and some of its suburbs, and the city of Shubra El-Kheima from the governorate of Qalyubia. 

Administrative division of the governorate: 

Cairo Governorate consists of (4) districts with a total of (38) neighborhoods, (41) police stations The northern region includes (8) neighborhoods. The eastern region includes (9) neighborhoods. The western region includes (9) neighborhoods. The southern region includes (12) neighborhoods. Cairo includes 3 new cities, which are (New Cairo, Al Shorouk and Badr City) and are served by 5 police stations. 


 The total area of ​​Cairo Governorate is 3084.676 km2. The inhabited area is 188,982 km2.

The estimated population of Cairo city is (1/7/2019: 9.840591) million.

Tourism in Cairo

What is famous in Cairo? Tourism places in Cairo: 

1. The pharaonic village:

The Pharaonic village is considered one of the best tourist places in Cairo, Egypt. It is an ideal place to get to know Egyptian history and the civilization of the Pharaohs and discover the lifestyles that prevailed in those times. The Pharaonic Village mimics ancient villages of the Pharaohs that have been present for thousands of years, where you can learn about their contents, landmarks, buildings and even their personalities. 

2. The Giza Pyramids:

  The Giza Pyramids Giza pyramid complex is located on the Giza Plateau in the Giza Governorate and is one of the most important places of tourism in Cairo, Egypt, on the west bank of the Nile. They include the three pyramids of Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, which were built around 25 century BC and are royal tombs each bearing the name of the king who built it and which was buried in it and the hierarchical construction here is the stage of development of the tomb architecture in ancient Egypt. 

3. Khan Al-Khalily:

  One of the most important tourist areas in Cairo is khan Al khalili, for both tourists and Egyptians. Khan El Khalili market includes exhibits of handicrafts such as copperware, woodwork and other antiques and souvenirs that attract tourists to acquire them as a souvenir for their visit to the city. The market also includes many famous libraries. 

4. Abdeen Palace :

Abdeen palace is one of the most famous and best places for tourism in Cairo. It is a wonderful historical architectural masterpiece built during the reign of the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha to Egypt, where at that time it was the seat of rule from the year 1872 until the year 1952. This palace has witnessed important events From the Queen's era until the July 1952 revolution, which was the beginning of the emergence of modern Cairo. The palace has been converted into a museum visited by thousands of tourists when visiting Cairo.

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5. Cairo Tower :

The Cairo tower provides you with a wonderful view of the city of Cairo, with its landmarks and neighborhoods, where it reaches a height of 187 meters, which is higher than the largest pyramid in Giza. The tower is located in the center of Cairo on the island of Zamalek in the Nile River and includes in its summit a unique restaurant where It is located on a rotating platform, which makes it rotate to provide visitors with a comprehensive view of the tourist areas in Cairo