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21 Travelling tips to Turkey


Travelling tips to Turkey

By/ Dina Tharwat

Before traveling to Turkey, we usually start searching for the most beautiful places, attractions and recreational activities that we can do to reach our goal by enjoying every moment of our journey and we continue and search carefully until we set an ideal program for our travel and it was another pleasure in itself. 

Turkey is a big country. You will enjoy it's beauty with the historical fragrance of the country through castles, mosques, old markets, streets and other landmarks of this beautiful country. You will learn about a useful experience that contains the most important advice before traveling to Turkey through the words of a tourist.

 My experience in Turkey will be summarized in some tips on the details of the trip from the beginning of preparing for it to the end, so that you will enjoy spending a fun time on your trip without getting into troubles or anything that disturbs it. At the beginning, my advice is based on my own experience in traveling for tourism in Turkey, with my wife  in April 2019, and I will tell you  some tips so that you will enjoy spending the best times in Turkey and have an unforgettable journey.

Travelling tips to turkey

 1 - Before traveling, you must follow the temperatures and learn about the weather during your travel time,  so  you can choose the appropriate clothes to take with you during your travel to Turkey. That way you will  not be surprised by the weather which you are not ready for.

 2- do not take many clothes that may not be used at all,  I advise you to only take clothes as much as you need and not increase the pieces of cloth that you will take while traveling.

 3-  For the best flight reservation website, I used the sky scanner website. 

4- As for booking accommodation and hotels, I used website. 

 5- After taking the decision to travel to Turkey, start immediately  searching for the most beautiful areas in Turkey and the most important activities and attraction  places that you can go to and prepare a program for your trip, as for my own trip I used the help of travel groups and also read experiences from  tourist who previously traveled to Turkey , to gather  information and organize a distinguished program for my trip.

 6- Buying a transportation card is one of the most important necessities of the trip. Once you arrive to Turkey, make sure to buy it and it is available in all major areas and the price of the card is 7 pounds. I used to charge the card with little money and recharge again when I needed , which I advise you to do so you do not leave a balance with it after the end of your trip. 

7. Save  Istanbul's map on your phone because you will need it during your movements within the city. 

8. Keep the map of the metro or subway , as it helped me a lot  reaching the subway stations.

 9- Public transportation and buses are very good. I used a Hava bus after arriving from the airport to Taksim and cost me 18 liras which is an excellent means of transportation and is hygienic and comfortable as it is air-conditioned, as well as that the taxi even Uber service will cost you more than 150 liras and therefore I used the bus  In my transportation and also I used the subway.

10. For implementation of the trip program, do not worry because there is many tourism agencies in Istanbul and they are present everywhere, my wife and I were in Taksim and we went to Sapanca and Mashouqa at a cost of 90 liras and we ride the motorcycle “beach bagy” with 200 liras and the rope to climb the mountain  The cost of s 25 pounds per person, and even for photography while you are between the sky and the earth while climbing, the cost of the image is 20 pounds, and we also went to the cities of Agua and Sheila, and I advise you to visit it, to have an amazing trip, but it require
s that you like  the snow, which in the city of Bursa.  

11- For me , during the period of my stay and my tourist trip in Turkey, I was not stolen , but be careful and take safety measures to preserve your belongings, because Bursa in particular is an open place.

12- Keep your passport and  your money in the hotel safe and take the expenses that you will need in order not to lose them and try to  scan your passport and entry visa for Turkey on your mobile phone .

 13- Markets are closed at 7 pm, exchange offices close at 9 pm, clothing stores close 10 pm, public transportation stays till 12 am, and Galata Tower closes 8.30 pm.

 14- If you did not go to Hafiz Mustafa Sweets Shop and did not put Mado Cafe on the priorities of your trip program inside Istanbul, here you did not come to Turkey from the ground ^ _ ^ And if you did not eat your breakfast in Smit Saraya, you missed a lot , try it and you will get an unforgettable breakfast

15 - The best time to take a boat cruise in Bosphorus is the first day of your trip because you will get to know the most important areas of Istanbul and set aside the second day to visit the Princess Islands.

 16- Travelling tips to Turkey that nobody advised me to do, Download the trafi program on your mobile phone because it will help you a lot during transportation. public transportation is really excellent and inexpensive, but you can use the bitaksi program and to be honest with you, I did not try it because my transportation was by public transport but many  Of its users like it.

17- Document every part in your travel  with pictures and every place you go to take memorial photos in it. Because after your return, it will be a source of joy when you read it and remember those fun times that you spent in the places in that pictures, for myself I allocated a special file and collected dozens of pictures that I captured photos for  Every place we went to document our enjoyable trip .

18- Sunday is the official holiday, so I advise you not to go on trips or go to expensive places because you will not enjoy much because of the crowd that you will find on this day. Allocate Sunday to shopping because even transportation  you will find it very crowded in addition to the streets as well.

 19 - Wake up early and start your day from the early morning hours so that you do not waste a lot of time and take with you a backpack and fill it with what you like to eat as a snake, so that you won't be hungry until you eat your main meals. As you will arrive to the hotel  exhausted and you will only want to sleep because of the extreme fatigue.

 20- In case that you are lost and did not know where you are, I advise you in this case to enjoy the moment until you return to your proper path after asking and searching on Google Maps as the whole city is a huge beautiful park and sure you will enjoy being lost there, enjoy walking in Turkey's streets, that is the main travelling tips to Turkey.

21-  As travelling tips to Turkey, Make sure to go to the parks in Istanbul, such as the Belgrade Park, Amirjan Park and other city parks, because they are so wonderful and beautiful, and if time does not help, it is not a problem because the whole country is beautiful green places full of ripe flowers, with the streets that blend the past fragrant with modernity  The present and all of that makes you feel the ideal place to spend an unforgettable trip.

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 Finally, by this travelling tips to turkey I hope that I have added some useful information  and useful advice to you. so that you can enjoy a pleasant journey every minute of it and feel the happiness and joy that we had during our trip to Turkey and to avoid some of the mistakes that we did. Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries that you can travel to and live days of pleasure  The real one.