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13 Travel packing tips that will help you

Travel packing tips

By Dina Tharwat

This travel tips from Laven 

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to share my best tips for packing for travel specifically packing for a carry-on and your backpack.

 my method of packing. 

Travel Packing tip number 1

my first tip is definitely fold things vertically the kon Mari way. basically fold them to the height of your suitcase so that when you put your clothes  everything will fit  to the rim and you can see all of your clothes shows at a glance.

 This is a game-changer for when you're traveling and living out of a suitcase and you don't want to take things out. I always keep everything in my suitcase. I only unpack what I need to do for that day. So this is my closet. This is what the closet looks like and I just like being able to choose my outfits this way because I could see mostly everything. I did make an exception this time some things I packed horizontally because they're just so like flimsy it just didn't work as well vertically, but my main outfits I will pack vertically. 

Travel Packing tip number 2 

have pouches for everything. I literally love to have pouches to hold everything. I like to stay organized and categorize everything. So this is my pouch for socks and underwear. I also fold them vertically like this. I have some underwear here and socks here. I always pack extra because you never know. I have a pouch for makeup,  pouch for random Tech accessories like Chargers adapters and stuff in here and then I have like my toiletry pouch. 

Also in my backpack, I have like this pouch that I love where I keep like my iPad my hard drive. So pouches for everything helps you stay super organized and I just can't do it any other way.

 Travel packing  tip no 3

is to transfer all of your large product into smaller containers. 

So I always like to save little bottles from skincare or beauty products because I know I'm going to use them again. So these are from like previous skincare things that I've used up but I've transferred my makeup Essence, which is this big one into this small one  because I think my Foundation is a little too big I transferred my Foundation into the smaller container. So I think it's such a game changer plus like I got to mix another foundation in here so that it would better match my color. So yeah. My next tip is to save up all your sample size products or your travel size products to use when you travel. I don't usually use these little samples on the regular. I just bring them when I travel because they're tiny and I get to try new products and why not, you know, so I have like a couple primers here and then these are like some oils for my face that our sample size of my favorite products.

Travel Packing tip number 4

 My next tip is to use these toothbrush covers to bring your favorite toothbrush with you. 

I don't like to use travel toothbrushes because they're just not good quality. So these covers  I love them. It's just really hygienic. I think and I really like it. 

Travel Packing tip number 5

My next tip is kind of obvious, but I know not everyone does this so honestly guys put your shoes in a plastic bag when you travel so that the germs and the dirt don't get everywhere else in your luggage. I also like to bring a couple extra plastic bags to put all my dirty clothes in after I wear them. 

Travel Packing tip number 6

Another tip. I have been traveling is to scatter your cash throughout your bags because you don't want to keep all your money in one place because what if you get pickpocketed or something gets stolen you just want to have some backup. So the way I do it is I always like hide cash and different pouches and different areas just in case you never know. 

Travel Packing tip number 7

 moving on to my backpack. So my next tip is to make sure that if 

You want to get something while you're on the Plane to put it in your purse or in the backpack

that you will have right next to you.

Don't put things in your carry-on luggage that will go in the overhead bin because if you want to get something it's really annoying to like ask people to help you open it . So if I need to do something, for example, I'm planning to work and edit on the plane. So I brought my laptop in my backpack with me so that I could just have that easy access. 

Travel Packing tip number 8

Travel paking tips

My next tip is make sure you have a name tag on all of your bags just because You don't know what's going to happen. 

What if your back gets lost even if it's a carry-on you never know. So I think it's always safe to have your name, your number, email address, or whatever on your bags. 

Travel Packing tip number 9

another tip is to keep your phone charger with you.  because it will save your life. So most airports. and some airplanes will have Outlets or usb so that you can charge your phone. So it's always nice to have your charger with you. I've been that person where I seen an outlet and I'm like dang it my folks out of battery, but my charger is like up there or somewhere that's not on hand.

Travel Packing tip number 10

 My next tip is to always wear the biggest and the heaviest items of clothing with you on the plane. That way you don't have to pack like you're big and bulky items. For example this time. I'm taking this giant blanket scarf, which is huge , but it's going to be my blanket on the airplane . 

Travel Packing tip number 11

If you're a frequent traveler and you always end up with extra coins and extra money from all the different places you travel to make sure you save them and organize them in pouches. So I've saved  euros and pounds from my last trip to Europe and I just keep them organized separately. I have  all my different currencies in different little pouches so that whenever I Go back to that place , I could just bring that currency back. 

Travel Packing tip number 12

A great tip for keeping earrings together is to secure them through the holes of a button this way. They can be tossed into your cosmetic bag and still be super easy to  finally ditch the heavy stacks of books and magazines and go digital loading titles onto your tablet or smartphone will save paper money and most importantly your shoulders. 

Travel Packing tip number 13

If all these great tips still have enlightened your load. Remember you can always sneak the heavy stuff into your travel partner bag