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9 travel tips to South Korea


Travelling tips to South Korea

By/ Neama Sweed

Are you a K-pop or K-drama fan? So, you have a dream to visit those magical places you see in Korean drama, you have a wish to attend a concert of your favorite singer or favorite band even. Names like super junior and BTS you know them, right? In this article you will find very useful travel tips to South Korea. So, stay tuned.

South Korea is one of those countries with a gorgeous nature, that you have to visit at least one time in your life. It consists mainly of hills and mountains with a large coastal plains, that give the county a marvelous view and nature. If you are one of those who love returning to nature, it’s your best destination. And even if you are one of those who love to catch up with the newest technology devices, South Korea is still your best destination. South Korea is one of the most developed countries in technology.

Here are some travel tips to South Korea:

1.Manage your budget:

Anytime you travel, you have to do the mathematics about your budget. And according to it, you can see where you will go, for how long and it will determine how luxurious you will have. South Korea is considered in the middle  in concern to living expenses in comparison to Asian countries. It’s not as expensive as Japan, but at the same time, it’s not as cheap as Vietnam or Cambodia. Also see how to manage your budget while visiting Europe here.

2.The best time to visit South Korea:

Travel tips to South Korea 

 South Korea has a temperate climate. With a long, cold and dry winter. And short, hot, and humid summer. So, the best time to visit this country and enjoy its beauty is during fall and spring. South Korea is charming during this time. You will enjoy cherry blossoms during late winter and early spring.

3. Know more about South Korea:

If you are not one of those who are fond of K-POP and K-drama, the best travel tips to South Korea is to read and learn more about the place you are going to visit. Try to learn some Hangul, read more about Korean history, it’s interesting, and you can watch some k-drama, and I promise you, you will enjoy it. When you watch some k-drama or follow k-pop, it will give you a hint about the country and its locals and how they look like. In addition, you will catch some Hangul words that will help you a lot when visiting South Korea. Not many people there are English speakers.

4.Manage your time:

Depending on the time you have in your journey to South Korea, it will determine places you can visit. For instance, if you have only one week visit for South Korea, and it’s your first time being there, sure you have to opt Seoul. You will find a lot of things to do during the week. And you won’t be able to cover all of it, and you will let a lot behind. Some travelers choose to have overnight trips to Busan, but believe me it’s overwhelming, it will make you extra tired, in addition you will not enjoy your journey. So, if you have only one week, travel tips to South Korea, just hang in one place. 

If you have two weeks to visit South Korea, you can spend one week in Seoul and the second week in Busan. Busan is a large coastal city in South Korea. Busan is famous for its beaches, mountains and temples. It has a huge cultural diversity. If you are one of beach lover, you will enjoy spending more time in Busan. In addition, you will enjoy Buddhist temples and the mountain nature in Busan. It’s the second main city after Seoul.

And if you have more than two weeks to visit South Korea, you are lucky. You can take a complete picture about the country and visit more places there. Travel tips to South Korea. In addition to Seoul and Bausan, you can visit  Gwangju and  Jeju island, it’s the largest island in South Korea.

And if you are a K-drama lover you should visit Nami island. Many k-dramas have been shot there like winter sonata , you will get surprised by the reality and the beauty of that place, it’s highly recommended to visit if you have time.

Se JOng temple, travel tips to South Korea 

5.Travel tips to South Korea, follow the rules:

During your visit to South Korea, follow the rules, keep your passport and your paper with you, don’t take pictures especially in historical palaces and other historical places without asking for permission. You have to do that to avoid being in trouble during your visit to South Korea. They have restricted rules and can end your visit at any time, in addition you can end at the jail. So, just follow the rules during your visit and keep yourself away from troubles.

6. Try Korean street food:

     You will miss a lot if you visit this country and do not enjoy Korean traditional food, and enjoy street food. Truly, this country has a great traditional and street food that you will enjoy. And if you find this sort of food in mart or even large market in your country, the original one is totally different. Travel tips to South Korea, Things like Kimchi, Bulgogi, Hoeddeok, Ddukbokki, Sundubu-jjigae and Bibimbap, you must try at least for one time during your visit to South Korea. Enjoy the diversity. 

7.Travel tips to South Korea, look for the biggest festival during your visit:

When you are visiting any country try to Indulge yourself with locals, and the best way to do that is to look for their festivals, read about them and know more and go celebrate with them, and believe me it will make your trip more fun and enjoyable.

8.Where you can stay during your visit to South Korea:

You have multiple choices, when you are visiting South Korea you can stay at a hostel, hotel, love motel and Airbnb it all depends on your budget and how luxurious things you can afford. But to be clear, staying in hotels will be away more than hostels. Just be sure that you can afford it during your stay in South Korea.

9.Travel tips to South Korea, avoid Google maps and use KakaoMap instead:

Using google maps in South Korea is awful, I can say it is catastrophic, the maps are not updated for a long time, and relying on it can lead you to be in a totally different place, it will cost you both time and money. Instead just download the kakao map app and use it. It originated from South Korea and has all the updates, you can find it in English interface too.

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Lastly, travel tips to South Korea, try to be open for trying new things, new food, new places, new cultures, meeting new people. Just be open for new experiences. And we hope you enjoy your time.

travel tips to South Korea