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By/ Neama Sweed

Bali, the gorgeous Indonesian island, some consider it a paradise on Earth. Bali is characterized by its forests, volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches and iconic rice paddies. It also has a lot of religious places. Maybe for that reason or for its beauty it is also called the island of Gods.

If you are up to Bali, you should Know more about that amazing place, and what you should and should not do while being there. Here we offer you some precious travel tips to Bali. To help you enjoy your time and have a wonderful trip.

What does the weather in Bali look like?

First of all, we should know why Bali is a very attractive point for tourists all the year? Bali has wonderful weather. It is located near to the equator line. So, it has a warm, tropical climate which makes it a huge draw for tourists all over the year. The average temperature is 27-28 around the year, which makes it suitable for visiting at any time through the year and a pleasant destination for tourists from all over the world. 

Here are some travel tips to Bali:

1. Be realistic in your expectations, travel tips for Bali:

Be realistic and do not expect finding the untouchable paradise there. Bali is a famous tourism destination. So, you have to expect to find a lot of crowds there. Folks go there all the time, and the island has a peak season and of- season too. so , try to pick the right time for you. 

2. Respect religious occasions and festivals:

As we have mentioned before, Bali is a land of many religious places. While you are there, try to respect their festivals, know about them, avoid making any chaotic works at that time, avoid making problems or complaining.

3. Keep away from wild and stray animals, travel tips to Bali:

It’s interesting to see monkeys here and there around you, right? But what is not interesting is watching them steal your wallet, food or other stuff. Other wild animals look cute in a friendly way, but when it comes to diseases like rabies and many other serious conditions, which are notorious in Bali you should keep away and take care. Also there are a lot of stray dogs there which is annoying. You should not give them food, but you can help them by donating. 

4. Learn few words from native language, travel tips to Bali:

As a travel tips for Bali or any other country, the best way to communicate with locals is to learn a few words from their native language. That will make you close to their hurts and also make good relationships with them that may last after you return to your home town. Just a few words like good morning, good evening and so on. That is the main travel tips to Bali as it is for any other place you are going to visit, so keep it in mind.

5. The best time to visit Bali, avoid using those clothes, travel tips to Bali:

Bali has good weather around the year, but as travel tips to Bali, the best time to visit that island is from May to July. Avoid taking heavy sweaters or things like that, cause you can not bear it. It is better to avoid it at all. It will just cost you a huge space in your carriage.

6. Shopping in Bali is amazing, travel tips to Bali try to hunt bargains:

Shopping in Bali is interesting,  and it’s famous for its fabulous designers, you should look for sales and good offers. You  will find goods at prices lesser than your own country. And gifts and souvenirs are good at Bali. But as a travel tips for Bali, try to look carefully for good offers while you are there. You can enjoy Seminyak Shopping. You also can find top shopping centers and boutiques there like Biasa, Magali Pascal, and Bamboo Blonde for clothes. And for jewelry  Sea Gypsy.

7. Pick your time well, low season isn't always the best, travel tips for Bali:

Yes, I’m totally with you, travelling during low seasons has several advantages. Low-season in Bali is during October and November and from January to April. You know there will be a lot of offers and bargains on tickets and flights and hotels reservations. But, guess what!! There will be a lot of rain that may trap you in the hotel all day. So, you may lose a lot of things to do in Bali. And here are some other beautiful destinations to visit during summer 2020.

As a travel tips for Bali, try to find a good time away from rain. So that you can make good use of your time and not waste most of it trapped in the hotel. You will regret that precious time.

8. Respect the rules & laws, travel tips to Bali:

As a travel tips for Bali or any other countries, just respect rules and laws. Treat policemen well, try to avoid arguing with them even if you have the right. Pay fines and respect the country rules, avoid using drugs by any way. And if you are expecting a special treatment as a foreigner, just wake up.

9. Pay attention to mother nature, travel tips for Bali:

Bali is considered a paradise on earth, it is full of forests, beaches and also a lot of volcanic mountains, which may be considered very dangerous at some points. It may affect flights and other activities. So, as travel tips to Bali take those things into consideration. 

10. The water is not always clear, travel tips to Bali, Don’t expect a lot:

Basically, there are about 4 million tourists who visit Bali every year. So, it is normal to face some problems, you may find the unclean beaches or even unclear water. Just try to lower your expectations a little bit and accept facing some problems. It is not a big deal. Try not to stress yourself and enjoy your time. That is the main travel tips to Bali.

11. Don’t spend all your time in famous places, travel tips for Bali: 

As a travel tips to Bali, try to avoid spending most of your time in just one or two famous places like. Don't get stuck at one or two famous places and spend most of your time there. There are more and more to see. Do not spend all your time on KUTA or Seminyak only. Still there are a lot to see.

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And here are some of the most famous places in Bali that are preferred by majority of tourists:

 Kuta Beach: one of the most famous beaches in Bali. But again do not spend a lot of time there.
The Sidemen Valley, 
sekumpul waterfall.
Tirta Empul Temple.
Nusa Dua beach.

You can find many other beautiful destinations in Bali, but as travel tips to Bali, one week is not enough to visit all of those wonderful places and enjoy them. So, try to expand your journey. In addition try to put aside western dishes and try some local cuisine. Finally, do not stress yourself and enjoy as much as you can.