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10 Tips If You are Travelling To Europe


Travelling to europe

Travelling to Europe by Dina Tharwat

Did you choose your next destination to visit European countries? Congratulations,  travelling to Europe is the most amazing experience you will ever do.

we are here to help you to have the best journey, either you are alone or with your family, friends or relatives, we will help you to choose the best places to visit. So, hang on there and let’s go. We will give you travelling tips while visiting Europe.

Europe is a huge continent,  which has a lot of incredible places to visit. Eiffel tower, Paris, London, Amsterdam, sound good, right?  But they are also difficult to be covered in one visit which may extend to  one week or even one month. So, the best thing you should do before you go is to have a look at which places you will visit that suit your budget and your time and even your personality.

So, here are many tips to take in consideration while you are planning to visit Europe.

1. Your budget is number one thing to think about while travelling to Europe:

The first and foremost thing you have to care about and think of it wisely when you are going to travel to Europe, is your budget, how many people will be with you in your journey? What do you look like as a passenger? Are you that person that spends the penalty of money here and there? Are you going to buy a lot of stuff like gifts and souvenirs and so on? Do you like to visit magical and over priced places? 

Think about airlines, accommodations, the time of year that you choose to travel in. you have to determine your budget according to all of that. Let’s be in the middle and make a range not too high, not too low. We can say it may cost you 1000$ a person give or take.

2. Check European visa requirements:

After you are done with your budget and your savings and all of that stuff, the second thing you should check are the requirements for European visa, and with no doubt it will depend on where are you coming from, are you based in America, do you have an American visa? So you don’t need a visa to travel to many European countries. Are you travelling from Asia, South Africa or The Middle East?  Every place has different requirements to get a European visa. So, it is your responsibility to check it out.

3. when you are travelling to Europe Pick your tickets early:

If you give yourself time before booking your tickets, you can save a lot of money. Choose your flight and your airplane well. You will find a lot of promotions and good deals that you will miss if you do not have time to search and find the best deal for you. Again, give yourself a good time for search. 

4.Avoid travelling to Europe during this time of the year:

If you are like me, you hate crowds, lining, queues and waiting for a long time, just avoid all of this by avoiding travel to European countries during this time of the year June, July and August in addition to summertime. And if you are aiming to experience how local European like again avoid these months as European themselves are heading to visit other places during long summer vacation. So, the best timing is to visit European countries during fall and early spring. And if you are one of those cold weather lovers you can visit European countries during winter.

5. when you travel to Europe,Hang on one place for a while:

I do not know how much time you will spend in Europe, but if you want to live a real experience try to avoid moving here and there every few days. Believe me it will be a bad experience. Give yourself time to know what locals look like, how they live, make few friendships that may last with you for a long time, visit a lot of places there, get ideas about their cousins, live their lives and ceremonies, that won’t happen in a couple of days. It  may take you one week or two to experience goods and bad in one place. And again it all depends on your schedule.

6. when you are travelling to Europe, Ask locals:

If you are reading this article, for sure you are an English reader and I guess you can speak the language too. one of the most important tips when you are travelling to Europe is to ask. If you want to know the best place to visit in a certain country, ask locals. They know their place more than anybody, they know the best restaurants, the best parks, and so on. They know their country very well more than me, you, anybody else or even Google.

7. Do not stay away from city center:

I know the very common advice is to stay away from the city center  when looking for a hotel. Just, try to find a cheap one here or there far away from the center of large cities  to spend the night. Trust me, it doesn’t worth it. It will cost you a lot of transportation, a lot of time and a bad experience too. Just find a place with a moderate cost that you can afford, and at the same time don’t be far away from the center where you can find a cafe and restaurant or even walk for a while during the night and enjoy the city.

8. Get away from your introvert pattern:

I know you may feel a little bit shy talking to others, you may want to enjoy yourself and spend time alone, but believe me when you are travelling to Europe  it worth trying to get out of your introvert character, you can make a life long friendships, talk to locals, talk to other travelers, that is the best place to find people like your mind, you will explore more about others cultures and lives that you will never find in books. So, try not to waste that chance while you are visiting Europe.

9. In Europe,Travel from one place to another by train:

You may find that strange, but in Europe while travelling from one country to another, it’s more comfortable to use trains than airlines. You just need to collect more information about trains schedules and places you are going to visit. That will make your journey to Europe away easier. 


10. If you are travelling to Europe, Indulge in local cousins:

You will find another KFC or MacDonald's in your home country, but you will not find original Italian Pasta. In addition you may not go to visit those places again, or even travelling to Europe for a while. So, my advice to you is to skip all those brands that you will find in your own country and try local food while visiting European countries, you will enjoy it and it will be a worthless experience.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy your time while visiting Europe, either alone or with your darlings, make your mind, plan very well, and you can do it. And you are one of those who love travelling, you can find 11 travelling tips to Dubai here.